• Informal formulation of USTEAA (USA) started
• Membership directory initiated
• Informal get-together party held

• First official organizational meeting held
• Interim Officers and board members appointed
• First picnic held and initial dues collected
• Formulated and drafted the association by-laws
• Information booklet prepared
• First dinner-dance held and interim officers inducted
• First one-page Newsletter published
• Opened temporary checking account

• By-laws finalized and adopted
• Association is incorporated as a non-profit organization
• Registered the Association with the IRS for banking purposes
• Opened the Association’s official non-profit organization checking account
• Second picnic and dinner-dance held, first journal published
• Committees formed
• First election of officers planned and election procedures drafted
• Regular quarterly committee meetings held

• Finalized and adopted the nomination and Election procedures
• Nominated candidates for first election
• Ballots and membership forms prepared and mailed out
• Newsletter published on biannual basis
• Picnic and first election of officers held
• Scheduled general meetings held, new board members nominated and appointed
• Formulated the scholarship grant program and drafted requirements
• Membership Directory updated, membership drive started
• USTEAA (USA).com Web Site established
• First fundraising trip to AC held
• Induction ball held and the first elected officers for 1998-1999 sworn in
• Second Journal published
• Christmas party held

• Membership drive and Newsletter mailed out
• Officially adopted the Scholarship Program and advertised in the Philippines
• Second and third Atlantic City fundraising trips held, first garage fundraising sale held
• Annual picnic held, jam session held
• Scholarship Memorandum of Agreement with UST drafted
• Membership Directory updated
• Certificates of Membership prepared and given out

• Membership drive for 2-years duration started (1999-2000)
• Newsletter prepared and mailed out to active members
• Scholarship Memorandum of Agreement with UST signed and put into effect
• Fourth and fifth Atlantic City fundraising trip held
• New Officers nominated to serve the year 2000-2001
• First community service held
• Second fundraising garage sale held
• UST scholar selection process started
• Picnic and election of new Officers held
• Dinner-dance and induction of new Officers held, third journal published
• Certificates of Membership mailed out to active members
• First USTEAA (USA) scholar selected and awarded
• Transition of duties from out-going to in-coming administration