Engr. Bjembel M. Magno

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Subject: Scholar's Update

March 27, 2009


Tomorrow, March 28 2009, will be our much anticipated graduation day. With hard work, faith, and inspiration, I am fortunate to graduate cum laude. As I recall the five stressful yet meaningful years of my academic life, I realized how blessed I am to obtain this precious engineering degree in his prestigious university. Life’s hardships have turned into opportunities that helped me transformed into a better individual. I must say that the scholarship granted to me by the UST Engineering Alumni Association (USA) is the best blessing that I have received throughout my college life, a blessing that open even brighter opportunities like being part of the respected scholars association and being awarded cum laude. Indeed, maintaining an average grade of 2.0 or better challenged me to improve in my studies and through the process maintain a general weighted average suitable for an academic award. Since this is the only means of repaying what the association has granted me, this requirement pushed me to study even harder. Without this scholarship, I would have dedicate less time and effort to my studies and be contented with a passing mark like most ordinary students.

I especially dedicate my hard-earned diploma to our Lord, my parents, our professors, and to the association for bringing me up to this stage. My efforts would be useless without the support of these people. And now, as I face another challenge of passing the ECE Board Examinations this coming October, I hope that I would live up to what is expected to me and be a licensed Thomasian engineer. This May, I will start reviewing for the examinations. Thankfully, honor students are given considerable discounts to most review centers so I take this opportunity to register on two review centers. In addition, the ECE department is also facilitating its own review sessions to help increase the number of board passers. Currently, I have no job offerings yet since I was unable to pass my resumés during the University and Engineering Job Fair for we are having difficulties with the prototype of our Project Study during those times. We prioritized our Project Study as one of the primary requirements for graduation. Besides, I don’t want to be discouraged by the salary offering of companies and giving up the chance to prepare for an ECE license.

As I was about to leave college, I wish to maintain my connection with the association. And may you continue to fulfill the dreams of more and more aspiring engineers like me. I would like to congratulate the association for producing another competent engineer imbued with Thomasian values. I hoped that somehow, with my undertakings and this letter, I have expressed my heartfelt gratitude. God bless!

Sincerely yours,

USTEAA (USA) scholar
BS ECE 2009